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Peter Reitano - The Middle Ground of Psychedelics

Peter Reitano - The Middle Ground of Psychedelics

Listen Here: iTunes | Spotify | Anchor

Guest Background

Peter is a serial entrepreneur and consumer marketing expert with over a decade of experience in scaling some of the worlds top brands.

Peter has built, advised, raised for, and sold multiple ventures, including  High12, one of Canada’s top cannabis CPG companies. Most recently he founded Gwella, a wellness company with a focus on mushrooms and psychedelics.

YouTube Clips

Show Notes

1:02 - What is Gwella?

4:18 - Creating a Product Forward Brand in the Psychedelic Space

11:11 - Building Products for the Middle Ground of Psychedelics

19:29 - MyMyco - Grow Kits for Mushrooms

26:51 - Why Companies Go Public Earlier in Canada

35:40 - Experience Running a Cannabis Brand

45:42 - Other Brands in the Gwella Pipeline


Gwella Mushrooms

Gwella Instagram

Peter's Twitter

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