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Robbie Bent - Solving for Loneliness with Ice and Heat

Robbie Bent - Solving for Loneliness with Ice and Heat

Listen Here: iTunes | Spotify| Anchor

Guest Background

Robbie Bent is building Inward, a company in the mental health space combining physical spaces (ice baths + saunas) and the largest library of breathwork content in the world.  Inward is building a cutting edge community for improving mental health in a fun and accessible way.  

Prior to Inward, Robbie spent 4 years leading ecosystem growth at the Ethereum Foundation, a $180 billion cryptocurrency.  He also runs a Clubhouse Show on Psychedelic Medicines, has done 4 Vipassana retreats and is an avid kitesurfer. You can learn more about him here and follow him on twitter @robbiebent1.

YouTube Clips

Show Notes

1:41 - Failure, Cocaine and Silent Meditation

12:35 - Ayahuasca and Letting Go of Addiction

24:13 - DIY Ice Baths and Building Community

36:45 - What Makes Breathwork So Powerful

49:38 - What's Next for Inward


Inward Breathwork

Inward Instagram

Robbie's Twitter

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